GoodFellaz - Candy Flavoured Gangsta Music

GoodFellaz - Candy Flavoured Gangsta Music

01- Intro

02- On the grind (Prod Ruffneck)

03- Ain't no stoppin' (Prod Mista Tee)

04- Hustlin' my way (Prod Mista Tee)

05- It's the GoodFellaz

06- Turn it up (Prod Mista Tee)

07- I wanna ride Ft Buzzy Bwoy (Prod Buzzy Bwoy)

08- Lollipop Ft Ruffneck

09- Put 'em up (Prod Mista Tee)

10- Move (Prod Mista Tee)

11- It's a party (Prod Mista Tee)

12- On the grind (remix) Ft Ruffneck, Koriass, Buzzy Bwoy and Slimo (Prod Ruffneck)

13- Ring the alarm (Prod Mista Tee)

14- It's alright

15- Summertime Ft Tara (Prod Mista Tee)

16- You ain't ready Ft Mini (Prod Mista Tee)

17- Gotta know (Prod Mista Tee)

18- Bet that

19- Story to tell (Prod Mista Tee)

20- I believe ft Big Pauly (Prod Mista Tee)

21- Girls (Prod Ruffneck)

Bonus :

22- Ruffneck Ft GoodFellaz, Buzzy Bwoy, 20 Deep, Maverick and Chaplin - Who's the man (Prod Mista Tee)

23- Kesta Ft GoodFellaz, Buzzy Bwoy, Ruffneck and L'wis - Rapstar remix (Prod Mista Tee)

24- Turn it up (Chopped and screwed remix by Ruffneck)
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