Craze - The Lukes Chroniquels

Craze - The Lukes Chroniquels

01. Intro feat. Joe, the

02. If you don't know

03. Whatcha gon do

04. Montreal to Yonkers feat. Kazi

05. 2nd round

06. That ass

07. Still flippin' feat. John Bling

08. C2 feat. Crooks

09. Nightmares

10. Only for the streets

11. Bring the drama

12. The game is calling

Exclusives 13. Soldiers marchin' feat. Sparker brothers (Produced by Xero Motion Music)

14. From the heart feat. Militant (Produced by Esteban)

15. What you thought feat. Eff (Produced by Fredy Bravo)

16. We gon C (Produced by Davis Griff)

17. rapid fire sampler (Produced by Fredy Bravo)

18. Outro feat. Joe, the
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